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春蘭の里 日本の石川県 能登半島

自然豊かなのどかな里 海産物、川魚、山菜



山菜狩り 釣り 春蘭でしか味わえない経験

Shunran-no-sato  Ishikawa, Japan  Noto peninsula

Seafood, fish and edible plant in the tranquil village full of nature.

You can stay in a traditional Japanese guest house.

Experience in nature with warm people

Which will make you feel as if you are in your own hometown.

Ingather edible wild plants and try fishing

You can only experience in Shunran.

Meals offered in Shunran-no-sato village has traditional dietary culture admitted as Globally Important Agricultural Heritage by United Nations (FAO). Edible wild plants "Sansai" growing uniquely with Japan's abundant clean water through beautiful and untouched nature in the mountains are loved by the inhabitants and also all the Japanese. Please taste the best quality Sansai here.


Towel, soap, shampoo, Japanese pyjama (Yukata), hair dryer, tooth brushes, modern toilet, the best quality Japanese bed (Futon)


Sansai (edible healthy wild plant) picked up in the local mountains and fish hunt in the local rivers, soup, rice, vegetable, etc. <each ingredient used depends on its season and weather>


Bathing in a Japanese old style bath tub, setting fire to a fire place (Irori), picking up Sansai (core value of our food culture), fishing, wood splitting, etc. <each activity conducted depends on its season and weather>

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