Address: 〒927-0322   

Miyachi16-9, Noto-Cho, Housu-Gun, Ishikawa-Ken

Tel:0768-76-0021 (Japanese Only)

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For booking a room, please make sure to fill out 1,2,3 as much as you know as of now. Regarding 3, we could offer a free ride to/from Anamizu-station or Noto-Airport. So please let us know your arrival time once you know.




From Kanazawa:

Train(100 minutes)/ to Anamizu-station by the tourism train called "Hanayama Noren Go" and "Noto Satoyama Sankai Gou."

Car (90 minutes)/【Noto Satoyama Kaido】from Kanazawa Interchange (Chiri-Hama Nagisa  driveway) to Noto Satoyama Airport Interchange → Housu Road → You can see a sign board for Shunran No Sato → Kobushi (Renovated school) →  Shunran Hotel.

From Tokyo:

Public Transport/●ANA(Airplain): 60minutes from Haneda to Noto Satoyama Airport.●Hokuriku-Shinkansen Kagayaki:150minutes to Kanazawa-station.

Address: Miyachi16-9, Noto-Cho, Housu-Gun, Ishikawa-Ken, Japan

​     (日本国 石川県 鳳珠郡 能登町 宮地16-9)
​Map Code: 37.305723, 137.023516

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Address:〒927-0322 Miyachi16-9, Noto-Cho, Housu-Gun, Ishikawa-Ken

Tel:0768-76-0021 (Japanese Only)

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