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Cycling at “Shunran no Sato” in Noto, Ishikawa. (Approx. one hour)

On Ishikawa Prefectural Road 37, you will find several accommodation facilities which are the center of “Shunran no Sato”.

“Shunran no Sato” is a name of the village of gathered guest houses, established in 1996 to revitalize the depopulating Noto area. In 1997, Kiichiro Tada renovated his own house and opened a guest house which is inspired by Japanese farmer cultures. The farmers’ guest houses have been increased gradually, now 49 guest houses are offering services, and we cater over 10,000 visitors in a year.

[Brief achievement history]

  • October 2011 : Nominated for “World Challenge” run by BBC World News.

  • October 2013 : His Majesty the Emperor Naruhito has visited.

We have rental bicycles for the tour around “Shunran no Sato”. (1,000 yen per day). Please enjoy refreshing air from the nature and local sightseeing spots.

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Shunran no sato Rice Planting
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Noto Yume Zukuri 



Roadside rest area


​Shunran no Yado

 Road 37



Spots to 

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①The remains of Iwayama-jo Castle


In 1469~1487, it is said that one of samurai Hidetsugu Yamada built the Iwayama-jo castle as a branch castle of Yamada-jo castle. This castle is considered to have been a military base. To enter Iwayama-jo castle remains, it will take you about 30 minutes by walking from the standing signboard.

​②Shunran no Yado

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This is a farmer inspired guest house run by Kiichiro Tada, a leader of “Shunran no Sato”. He and his wife are also living there. If there are no guests when you visit there, they will host you warmly with coffee in a room with Japanese fireplace, Irori. The building is century-old, structured based on Noto area’s traditional architectural style. Japanese cypress and cedar is used for pillars, and pine is used for the beams. You can fully experience the Japanese architecture and hospitality.

​③ Kobushi

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Kobushi is an accommodation facility which is renovated from closed school. You can book accommodation on the day, if you have made a reservation in advance, we can provide breakfast and lunch. The rooms are traditional Japanese style. Restroom, shower, and some toiletries are equipped. Also, we lend bicycles to look around Shunran no Sato.

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One of a local-community vitalization aids, Kosuke Ogata is running a bar called Zukku. It is in Kobushi, an accommodation facility. There are various kinds of alcohol, and serve a light meal such as tacos. Usually opens from 12 pm. Please have a good time there.

⑤Roadside rest area


In front of rice field, there is a roadside rest area. There is the small shop selling special local products. They also provide charging station for electric cars, parking lot, and restrooms. You can enjoy Japanese beautiful rural scene while taking a break.

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⑥Dragon shrine

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"Dragon shrine" is originated from "Tatsuta shrine" in Nara Prefecture, and have been used for praying for fishermen's safety. There is a waterfall near the shrine, and basin of that, there is a flat rock called Chopping Board. Sometimes dead salmons are washed into the rock, and it is said that if you eat it, something bad will happen." There is a celebration day for a local festival once a year on November 1st.

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⑦Noto Yume Zukuri (Shpop & Udon restaurant)


They sell local specialities, and they provide Japanese mushroom Udon. Udon is a traditional Japanese noodle. In the shop, they offer Konomi mushroom which is local fancy mushroom of Noto (5,000 yen for piece), wild edible plants and farmer’s vegetables of Noto. Other than that, they offer unique processed food made with local vegetables. You can enjoy Japanese noodle and shopping in one place!

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